Jesus was found by him who writeth, and by James with John. And they, weeping, said: 'O Master, wherefore didst thou flee from us? We have sought thee mourning; yea, all the disciples seek thee weeping.' Jesus answered: 'I fled because I knew that a host of devils is preparing for me that which in a short time ye shall see. For, there shall rise against me the chief priests with the elders of the people, and shall wrest authority to kill me from the Roman governor, because they shall fear that I wish to usurp kingship over Israel. Moreover, I shall be sold and betrayed by one of my disciples, as Joseph was sold into Egypt. But the just God shall make him fall, as saith the prophet David: "He shall make him fall into the pit who spreadeth a snare for his neighbour." For God shall save me from their hands, and shall take me out of the world.'

The three disciples were afraid; but Jesus comforted them saying: 'Be not afraid, for none of you shall betray me.' Whereat they received somewhat of consolation.

The day following there came, two by two, thirty-six of Jesus' disciples; and he abode in Damascus awaiting the other. And they mourned every one, for that they knew that Jesus must depart from the world. Wherefore he opened his mouth and said: 'Unhappy of a surety is he who walketh without knowing whither he goeth; but more unhappy is he who is able and knoweth how to reach a good hostelry, yet desireth and willeth to abide on the miry road, in the rain, and in peril of robbers. Tell me, brethren, is this world our native country? Surely not, seeing that the first man was cast out into the world as to exile; and therein he suffereth the punishment of his error. Shall there perchance be found an exile who aspireth not to return to his own rich country when he findeth himself in poverty? Assuredly reason denieth it, but experience proveth it, because the lovers of the world will not think upon death; nay, when one speaketh to them thereof, they will not hearken to his speech.