Then said Jesus: 'He who would live well should take example from the merchant who locketh up his shop, and guardeth it day and night with great diligence. And selling the things which he buyeth he is fain to make a profit; for if he perceiveth that he will lose thereby he will not sell, no, not to his own brother. Thus then should ye do; for in truth soul is a merchant, and the body is the shop: wherefore what it receiveth from outside, through the senses, is bought and sold by it. And the money is love. See then that with love ye do not sell nor buy the smallest thought by which ye cannot profit. But let thought, speech, and work be all for love of God; for so shall ye find safety in that day. Verily I say unto you, that many make ablutions and go to pray, many fast and give alms, many study and preach to others, whose end is abominable before God: because they cleanse the body and not the heart, they cry with the mouth not with the heart: they abstain from meats, and fill themselves with sins; they give to others things not good for them, in order that they may be held good; they study that they may know to speak, not to work; they preach to others against that which they do themselves, and thus are condemned by their own tongue. As God liveth, these do not know God with their hearts; for if they knew him they would love him; and since whatsoever a man hath he hath received it from God, even so should he spend all for the love of God.'