'Woe unto the world because of offenses. It needs must be that the offense come, because all the world lieth in wickedness. But yet woe to that man through whom the offense cometh. It were better for the man if he should have a millstone about his neck and should be sunk in the depths of the sea than that he should offend his neighbour. If thine eye be an offense to thee, pluck it out; for it is better that thou go with one eye only into paradise than with both of them into hell. If thy hand or thy foot offend thee, do likewise; for it is better that thou go into the kingdom of heaven with one foot or with one hand, than with two hands and two feet go into hell.'

Said Simon, called Peter: `Lord, how must I do this? Certain it is that in a short time I shall be dismembered.'

Jesus answered: `O Peter, put off fleshly prudence and straightway thou shalt find the truth. For he that teacheth thee is thine eye, and he that helpeth thee to work is thy foot, and he that ministereth aught unto thee is thine hand. Wherefore when such are to thee an occasion of sin leave them; for it is better for thee to go into paradise ignorant, with few works, and poor, than to go into hell wise, with great works, and rich. Everything that may hinder thee from serving God, cast it from thee as a man casteth away everything that hindereth his sight.'

And having said this, Jesus called Peter close to him, and said unto him:  `If thy brother shall sin against thee, go and correct him. If he amend, rejoice, for thou hast gained thy brother; but if he shall not amend, go and call afresh two witnesses and correct him afresh; and if he shall not amend, go and tell it to the church; and if he shall not then amend, count him for an unbeliever, and therefore thou shalt not dwell under the same roof whereunder he dwelleth, thou shalt not eat at the same table whereat he sitteth, and thou shalt not speak with him; insomuch that if thou know where he setteth his foot in walking thou shalt not set thy foot there.'