At this time we with Jesus, by the word of the holy angel, were gone to Mount Sinai. And there Jesus with his disciples kept the Forty days. When this was past, Jesus drew nigh to the river Jordan, to go to Jerusalem. And he was seen by one of them who believed Jesus to be God. Whereupon, with greatest gladness crying ever `Our God cometh!' having reached the city he moved the whole city saying: `Our God cometh, O Jerusalem; prepare thee to receive him!' And he testified that he had seen Jesus near to Jordan.

Then went out from the city every one, small and great, to see Jesus, insomuch that the city was left empty, for the women bare their children in their arms, and insomuch that they forget to take food to eat.

When they perceived this, the governor and the high-priest rode forth and sent a messenger to Herod, who in like manner rode forth to find Jesus, in order that the sedition of the people might be quieted. Whereupon for two days they sought him in the wilderness near to Jordan, and the third day they found him, near the hour of midday, when he with his disciples was purifying himself for prayer, according to the book of Moses.

Jesus marvelled greatly, seeing the multitude which covered the ground with people, and said to his disciples: `Perchance Satan hath raised sedition in Judaea. May it please God to take away from Satan the dominion which he hath over sinners.'

And when he had said this, the crowd drew nigh, and when they knew him they began to cry out: `Welcome to thee, O our God!' and they began to do him reverence, as unto God. Whereupon Jesus gave a great groan and said: `Get ye from before me, O madmen, for I fear lest the earth should open and devour me with you for your abominable words!' Whereupon the people were filled with terror and began to weep.