'When these signs be passed, there shall be darkness over the world forty years. God alone being alive, to whom be honour and glory for ever. When the forty years be passed, God shall give life to his messenger, who shall rise again like the sun, but resplendent as a thousand suns. He shall sit, and shall not speak, for he shall be as it were beside himself. God shall raise again the four angels favoured of God, who shall
seek the messenger of God, and, having found him, shall station themselves on the four sides of the place to keep watch upon him. Next shall God give life to all the angels, who shall come like bees circling round the messenger of God. Next shall God give life to all his prophets, who, following Adam, shall go every one to kiss the hand of the messenger of God, committing themeselves to his protection. Next shall God give life to all the elect, who shall cry out: "O Mohammed, be mindful of us!" At whose cries pity shall awake in the messenger of God, and he shall consider what he ought to do, fearing for their salvation. Next shall God give life to every created thing, and they shall return their former existence, but every one shall besides possess the power of speech. Next shall God give life to all the reprobates, at whose resurrection, by reason of their hideousness, all the creatures of God shall be afraid, and shall cry: "Let not thy mercy forsake us, O Lord our God." After this shall God cause Satan to be raised up, at whose aspect every creature shall be as dead, for fear of the horrid form of his appearance. May it please God,' said Jesus, 'that I behold not that monster on that day . The messenger of
God alone shall not be affrighted by such shapes, because he shall fear God only.

'Then the angel, at the sound of whose trumpet all shall be raised, shall sound his trumpet again, saying: "Come to the judgment, O creatures, for your Creator willeth to judge you." Then shall appear in the midst of heaven over the valley of Jehoshaphat a glittering throne, over which shall come a white cloud, whereupon the angels shall cry out: "Blessed be thou our God, who hast created us, and saved us from the fall of Satan."
Then the messenger of God shall fear, for that he shall perceive that none hath loved God as he should. For he who would get in change a piece of gold must have sixty mites; wherefore, if he have but one mite he cannot change it. But if the messenger of God shall fear, what shall the ungodly do who are full of wickedness?'